Archet Aid Marathon

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Do you got what it takes? Rnough soles left on your boots? Then sign up with Master Gildoin inside the gates of Archet on October the 17th, from 12.30am /servertime!

The Archery Competition

For the third time, Master Beongarn and his companions in the kinship ‘Knights of Eriador’ is hosting the ‘Archet Aid Archery Competition’ at the Fayre. This is a contest for everyone to join, and it does not matter if you dont know the front of back of a bow 🙂 (We got some splendid throwing axes in stock for you to use instead).

Shoot your arrows or throw your axes at the target dummies to score the highest total. The contest will run throughout the day until the concert starts at 3pm servertime, so be sure to be there early to sign up for the first rounds of the competition

Middle-Earth Quiz by Durins Folk

Do you know your Finwë from your Manwë, your gabilbathol from your tumunzahar? Does middle Earth history hold little secrets from you?

Then join us on this fun knock-out-round quiz, only the smartest will survive !.

Who will compete for the title, King and Queen of the Fayre? Only the best-dressed denizens of Middle Earth, that’s who! What wonders of sartorial elegance will we witness? Emeralds, fur and silk, diadems of gold and velvet robes? Or might it be more homely, but equally right – homespun in autumn hues, with hats and shawls made by some industrious gammer? Dwarves might even show up in steel mail! And as for Beornings, we can only speculate what they might choose to bedeck their gorgeous fur coats with.

This is a costume competition, the winners of which will be crowned King and Queen of the Fayre. Roaming judges will look out for the best costumes throughout the Fayre and make their decision right before the music kicks off in the evening.

So come one, come all – Elves and Men, Beornings, Dwarves and Hobbits – come strut your stuff at Archet Aid, and be crowned King and Queen of the Fayre for 2015!

what is a Fayre without some fun and games, combined with some tasty beer and wine from around Middle-Earth? A really poor one if ya ask us, so we introduce you all to the ‘Drunken Backwards Race’ in the town of Archet !Anyone that is brave enough to drink one of Master Grymrock’s ‘finest brew’ is qualified to join the contest. 🙂

The scenario is:
At the starting line, facing away from the course, one chug down a  tankard of Grym’s finest ale (this will be checked by an official race master). Then as the race official shouts ‘GO!’, one run backwards through the course as shown by the officials before the run, and the first one to cross the finish line, wins!

There will be officials watching the race at points through the course, so forwards running will lead to the contester being disqualified.


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