Archet Aid?

Archet Aid is an event located on the [EN-RP] Laurelin server in the town of Archet.

The Archet fire…. 😦 (Archive paintings from Archet…)

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‘Archet Aid’ consists of a two part event, roughly scheduled to about two hours each. First there is the ‘Archet Aid Fayre’ with a market, street performers, ale and pie vendors (due to the Inn burned down), exhibitions and so on. This part goes over into a ‘Solidarity Concert for the poor farmers of Archet’ where we will give you the best music that bands from Laurelin, and visiting bands from ‘far away’, has to offer!

Our goal with this event is to showcase the ‘RP Community’ on the [EN–RP]Laurelin, and give people that normally does not RP their character a ‘frame’ to try it out if they like to. (see the OOC part of the site). We are aiming for a friendly and social atmosphere through the event, and hope you all will help us getting closer to this goal 🙂

The event was started in 2011 by the band ‘The Chosen Few’, that wanted to put up a bit more than a standard concert for the population of the Laurelin server, and thought a solidarity concert for those poor farmers of Archet was a good idea for a yearly event, and this year is the fourth time it is happening, and we hope to bring you an even better experience than the last one in 2013.

The event was cancelled last year (2014) due to the total disaster updates of the music system that Turbine implemented right before the event should have kicked off. Now it seems like its kind of stabie again, so we are back with ‘Archet Aid 2015’ 🙂

Best regards
Order of the Divine Brew


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