Drill Show by Blue Mountains Regiment

This year the dwarfs from Blue Mountain Regiment will give us a taste of millitary drills done the dwarven way.

Theatre Play : ‘Egglet’

Something is rotten at Farmer Sandson’s chicken farm…
Tonight, for your delight, we present –
Egglet: The Search for the Perfect Omelet
A tragi-comedy in 1 act
Where could the tragedy be in such a tale, you ask?
A tale of eggs and ham?
Reflect upon this, then, hapless wanderers:
How sharper than Lobelia’s tongue it is to have a burnt omelet!

Sparring Camp by Durins Folk

Durins Folk have earlier been with us with their Drill Show, but this year they will put up a ‘Sparring Camp’ on the Archet premises to give away lessons in how to properly hold an axe while approaching a fellow mate in a sparring match.

Merchants of the Middle Earth

Make a bargain! Merchants from all over Middle Earth will roam the area of Archet advertising and selling their goods, and we have been assured their prices are ‘special for you my friend’ during the entire event. So, you need a new weapon? armour? pickaxe? a fashionable hat? Put in the order for your items with these excellent merchants, crafters and smiths at Archet Aid this year!


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