The Concert

This years Archet Aid has an excellent lineup with both old and new bands from around the Middle-Earth. Since this is a Laurelin ‘RP event’, we have mainly based the limeup on bands from this
server, with a few guest bands from other ‘worlds’ out there. No need to worry though, cause the music scene on Laurelin is one of the best there is 🙂

The concert part of the event starts at 3pm /servertime, in the main square of Archet town.(by the fountain).

The Lineup for Arceht Aid 2015
This lineup will most likely change when new bands are added to the list

The Chosen Few

They are back! After over a year hibernating, the lads and ladies of ‘The Chosen Few’ have emerged better than ever to give the Middle-Earth its ‘rythm and soul’ back. The lineup is the third since they were formed five years (!) ago, and consists of both old and new members. The music is fast dance tunes with a few slow ones (for the ladies) and they got a quite big collection of tunes to make you dance your socks off (Hobbits excused, ofcourse). Rumors has it that they even have managed to convince one of their members to sing publicly too…

The Rolling Kegs

Picture from Harnkeggers Games

The Rolling Kegs are one of Laurelin’s most iconic bands, and won double runner-up at this year’s Weatherstock VII competition for their ‘Brew from the Heart’ set, a mix of musical styles and original, lore-based lyrics. Prepare for heartfelt and hilarious moments with this all-Dwarven band.

A Rock and a Hard Place

Photo from homepage of the band

Rock and a Hard Place is back for their second performance at Archet Aid. Since Archet Aid in 2013 they have been ‘all over the place’ and have gathered a huge fanbase with their entusiastic music style and scene show. Do not miss them at this years Archet Aid! They hail from Dwarrowdelf, one of the servers that are now closing down, so this might be your last chance to see them in the current lineup (!)

The Songburrow Strollers

The picture is provided by miss Lina Willowwood

The Songburrow Strollers are a small collective of hobbit musicians from the Grand Order of the Lost Mathom. They carry on the long held tradition of making music in the village of Songburrow in the Shire, and are playing at ‘Archet Aid’ for the fourth time! The Songburrow Strollers are well known way outside the boundaries of the Laurelin server, and have a huge fanbase whereever they turn up to play their music.

The White Flames

The White Flames after their highly acclaimed concert “Dance” at OAKS in July 2015

‘The White Flames’ hail from the kinship ‘Order of the White Flame’ and the band has been around since the kinship’s foundation in 2007. The band only plays songs either arranged or composed by band members, in the styles of pop, rock and jazz, but anything can be on the menu. One thing that all songs by The White Flames have in common is that the arrangements hold the highest standard possible.

Don’t miss The White Flames if you want to hear some really good, flaming hot music!

The Red Company

Picture from their homepage

A new band for Archet Aid this year is ‘The Red Company Band’ from Laurelin.(A part of the kinship of the same name). They have been around since February, and perform in Bree every 2-3 weeks. The music style is from a wide range of styles, from pop to traditional, mainly written by our own members.

Die Meisterbarden von Bree

picture from Lilikate Buggins’s photostream

Returning from Archet Aid 2013, Die Meisterbarden von Bree have once again taken the trip over from their server to Laurelin, to join in on the festivities around ‘Archet Aid’. Die Meisterbarden von Bree first saw the day of light in 2009 on the german server named ‘Vanyar’, and that first encounter have now developed through the years to a big band with up to 12 members on stage doing a concert every week at the Auction House in Bree (on Vanyar), around 2pm /servertime’ish. The music style are classical stuff mixed with a bit more modern stuff and combined with lore’ish tunes (movie soundtracks and similar).

Die Meisterbarden has a big fanbase, and be sure to ‘catch’ them live at this years concert in Archet.

Die Bunten Voegel

Picture provided by the band

Die Bunten Voegel are minstrels from Belegaer. Their musical act comes with all kinds of jugglery and silliness as well as stories! They consider audience participation to be an important part of every show. Everyone can do something, whether it’s dancing, playing drums or just singing along with their songs. Songs, by the way, written and composed in medieval style by the Die Bunten Voegel themselves!

So get ready to get those toes a-tapping, here they are: DIE BUNTEN VOEGEL!!


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