Time Table

All times are in /servertime.

12.30pm – The Archet Aid Marathon
1.oopm – Opening of the Archet Aid Fayre
1.10pm – The First rounds of the Archery Competition
1.25pm – Quiz with Durins Folk
1.40pm – The Drunken Backwards Race
2.00pm – Theatre Play – ‘Egglet’
2.20pm – Drill with Blue Mountain Regiment
2.40pm – The finale of the Archery Competition
2.55pm – The Fayre closes down for the solidarity concert

3.oopm – The Archet Aid Solidarity Concert!
Schedule is under construction for the concert

3.05pm -Die Meisterbarden von Bree
3.20pm – The Songburrow Strollers
3.35pm – Die Bunten Voegel
3.50pm – The Red Company
4.05pm – Rock and a Hard Place
4.20pm – The Rolling Kegs
4.35pm – The White Flames
4.50pm – The Chosen Few


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