This page have some ‘Out of character’ information regarding the event.

Archet Aid is a RP event in the town of Archet. The reason for this is both the background story of the place, but also because it is an area that everyone, regardless of level and race, are able to travel to quite easily. If you need any help in getting there, please give us a ‘nudge’ and we will help you out any way we can. We got ‘hunter-taxi’s’ on standby for the occasion

The Channels in the area
With an event that might generate a bit of communication on different subjects, we would like to suggest that people use this little guideline as a helping hand:
[General] channel for event information and important messages
[LFF] – recruitment channel for kins and other organisations. Please post your advertisement for attracting new members here.
[Say] considered to be In-Character and please do not spam this
About Roleplaying your character

Curious of the concept of RP’ing (Roleplaying your character) but got a fright of doing it wrong? No worries. Just think along the lines of what your character would have done and just let things unfold. This is a musical and fun event, not the ‘supreme court of RP Lore’, so do not take things to ‘strict’ and let us have some fun together 🙂 If you are brand new to RP and would like some pointers about RP, then Lina Willowwood’s Biscuity Burrow is a good place to start reading. Ofcourse, you do not need to do this, it’s just meet and greet at an event like this, so just wave you hand, give a polite or cheerful ‘hello sire/lady!’ and ‘wing it’ 🙂

A quick clarification though. This is a Solidarity Concert, not a Charity concert. Spent half the event last time telling people we did not want their silver but their awareness about the poor situation for the farmers of Archet. If you really want to separate with some cash, then please consider charities like Child’s Play or similar ones that are trying to do to something good through the gaming community.


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